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  • Birdlady418

    I noticed people are picking the same number every race netsfan3222222

    Cardiganbay I thought about that,too, perhaps we'll get an Emerald Downs hat. I'm sure Nets,as of now, or whomever is good enough/lucky enough to win this slugfest, will be tickled with 50% of the prize. Now,50% percent of an Emerald Downs cap, well That's a different story. Besides, look at all the fun we are having!
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  • Birdlady418

    itchy one picks 333333333333

    netsfan3 I told you long ago, I have inside information. BIRDLADY is really a man who is well known in the stable. Look up in the sky. Is it a birdlady? Is it a plain Jane? Nope! It's someone from NJ.
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  • Birdlady418

    reminder people this is a handicapping contest not a lottery
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    ActiveUnited States Kailua, Hawaii24.60
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    ActiveUnited States Roselle Park, New Jersey24.60
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    howihuse i agree with you birdy go get em
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