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  • Seattle Sue

    Geez all those big prices and missed opportunities

  • 911EXACTAEXPRESS has changed their profile cover.

    2 days ago

    daveyu22 Can it breathe?
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  • howihuse

    4 looks frisky

  • Antman823

    Birdladyteaching the numbers players with big fields and quality races must handicap how about netsfan switches from all 3’s yesterday to 2’s today goodbye 115 dollar winner

    SR Vegas ..I had to giggle when I saw birdlady at the top of todays Sun contest . Kaboom ! and howihuse in 2nd .
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  • howihuse

    29000 for 50 cent pick 4 wow

  • howihuse

    i broke down and bought a racing form today your in trouble netsfan

  • manosduras

    DEL MAR 10

  • manosduras

    DEL MAR 8
    #6 DEGREE OF RISK 12/1

    Seattle Sue Always trying
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  • skinhead

    Birdlady who do u hate more the number one players have suddenly moved up in the top ten and the number 3 players are close even the number 2 people have done well .at least birdlady root for the 4,5,and 6 posts which can’t get going

  • manosduras

    4 DUBBY DUBBIE 12/1

  • manosduras

    Mountaineer 2nd- RED CAT (CHI) 5/1 +++

    Colonial 8th- HIGH VIBES 8/1

    Indiana 8th- SWIFT TEMPLE 8/1

    taka11 but the puppy l;ikes #8 at the mopuntain
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  • count123

    how do i contact the PROVIDER - I have confirmed entry day 34 - yet daily results show that i did not enter

    SR Vegas count123
    Support Email :

    (the link is at the very bottom of this thread)
    They have been very responsive when I had to send them a note.
    Good luck
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  • magicman

    Fabulous day yesterday earned me first place. Still way behind though. It's tough to catch up if you are more than $100 behind- especially with the small fields- but I'm enjoying the contest.

    SR Vegas outstanding magicman! have fun
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  • manosduras

    #10 HIKE'S DREAM 12/1

    Dotheloop Well done,Manos!
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  • netsfan3

    The reason people are rooting on NETSFAN3 in this contest is because he will donate his winnings to PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA and SHRINER'S HOSPITAL. Just found out one of my old pals is on the Board of Directors of that children's hospital. We are all rich enough. Time to help others.

    SR Vegas netsfan ... I donate platelets, and would go 2-3 times a month ( you can donate every 7 days) covid put a stop on appointments for awhile . . It's time for me to jump back on that donation bus.
    Thanks for the inspiration .
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  • howihuse

    Bigliar bet u a coffee netsfan3 will choke

    Fuzzypants 911 the meat is very tender no fat ,
    Have you had back stretch barbque goat tacos ?
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  • Seattle Sue

    Always the case scratch into a 3/2 loser

  • skinhead

    I don’t get this 50 % prize rule ? They don’t do this with any other 123 contest. To make it worse no past performances it is just a numbers guessing game

    SR Vegas skins, I get it. But , it's in the rules. I can't get a 123 account , so if I won I'd be happy with any monetary prize.
    Too many races each contest day to supply free pps. So we do our best . Good luck .
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  • triguy237

    The 7th race yesterday (7-24-22) Silent Declaration was scratched. Those of us who picked that horse should have received the favorite, who came in 2nd but those winnings were not credited.
    Anyone else pick Silent Declaration?

    Fuzzypants Send adm a email they always will fix it .
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  • manosduras

    Race 3: 3 Miso Fast (15%)
    Race 4: 3 Tapit At Midnight (24%)
    Race 5: 3 Western Rule (17%)
    Race 6: 3 Executive Action (16%)
    Race 7: 7 Jedi Knight (10%)
    Race 8: 4 Philipie Fast (6%)

    Dotheloop Nets in first place!. Film at eleven.
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