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  • horse246
    16 hours 54 minutes ago


  • Sparky8016
    3 days ago

    Great start, 0 for 6.

    Itchyone Hard luck sparky that’s a hard feat to accomplish but I’ve done it myself. Guessing next week will be better, gl
    2 days ago 2
  • Phil714
    3 days ago

    considering no racing form didnt do bad

  • Seattle Sue
    3 days ago

    geez..not the way I wanted to start - feeling meh

  • netsfan3
    3 days ago

    I actually saw a couple past performances for Saturday's card. Made me switch to LEVITATION in the 8th race. Horse has met much better than this crew. Always tough when this meet opens. But, I like to bet a couple bucks now and then. Since they have tried to maintain the contest as a smaller track.

  • dude
    3 days ago

    Happy birthday Jonuguy

    JonuguyII Tank You , duda !!
    3 days ago 1
  • Badactor has changed their profile cover.

    3 days ago

    Badactor Hello funny bunny... just introducing myself to the community. Relax.
    3 days ago 1
  • Badactor shared a photo.
    3 days ago
  • Horsinaround123 has changed their profile cover.

    4 days ago

  • Waldo616
    5 days ago

    Could it be that we will not be saying thank you mama this yr? No Bowen Rocco?

    Seattle Sue apparently he is out with a shoulder injury,but expected back
    3 days ago 2
  • meyer
    5 days ago

    anyone knows why there are no pp's for this contest? been like this for 2 years.

    meyer thank you
    5 days ago
  • daboss
    6 days ago

    Welcome Back!

    Itchyone You too boss gl this year
    6 days ago 1
  • Itchyone
    2 weeks ago

    Aloha to all good luck this year and it will be all 3’s for me again this year.

    sidsgirl thanks but I still can not get the site to recognize me I am able to get to my profile and that seems to work I still can not pic horses
    4 days ago