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  • netsfan3
    Public 9 hours 35 minutes ago

    I can't believe it, 200 people actually did worse than my $7.20 picks. At least I got my money back on the 6th race TVG MBS. Bet the favorite blind. Wish we had the free past performances.

    Let_It_Ride Their reasoning for not having them is bull crap. Before Muckleshoot took over the Past Performances were available. The reasoning now is there are too many races. Hey Muckleshoot, there's just as many races daily (6) as there was when this contest first started.
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  • Antman823

    With this contest and no fear of losing lifelines contestants can throw anything thing up and hope it sticks like one post

  • Tatertot

    Welcome back everyone! Good luck to all and have fun.

  • daboss

    I'm back for another go.