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  • cjrun

    I see we still have a problem with cutoff times. I just changed me race 6 pick to the winning horse after the race ran and it was accepted. Doesn't matter with my contest because I'm so far back but definitely shouldn't be happening

    SR Vegas Thanks for the note cjrun.
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  • manosduras

    Race 6: 7 R B Eye (16%)
    Race 7: 7 Shockazulu (4%)
    Race 8: 4 Lochness (7%)
    Race 9: 3 Robs Lucky Spirit (13%)
    Race 10: 7 El Maestro (7%)
    Race 11: 4 Tap the Bank (22%)

    SR Vegas 9.17 results: 3rd- 4th -1st -3rd -2nd -2nd ..
    Race 6: 4 Candy Zip
    Race 7: 4 Floyd Knowles
    Race 8: 8 Wine At Nine
    Race 9: 1 Hydrogen
    Race 10: 5 Gold Crusher
    Race 11: 6 Whisper and Wink
    good luck
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  • netsfan3

    My daughter finally figured out how to use the $6 digital gift card my wife got for donating blood. She bought shampoo and candy online from Target. Now she has to pick it up. A regular gift card would be so much better.

    skinhead He doesn’t tell u he is one one those drivers that stops dead in road making a turn so other deprives hit him
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  • netsfan3

    CAVE ROCK "Was the easiest of winners" says the announcer in the Del Mar Futurity. Paid $2.80 on the win.

  • cjrun

    Maybe I'm crazy but the 5th race has already run and the contest is till allowing me to make changes. I put in the 3 horse after he already won and it was accepted. I then changed it back to my original pick because I didn't want to cheat. WHAT THE ***********

    dumpsthenwins I wonder if the contest people monitor what is written here or if we can write to them to let them know what happened.
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  • netsfan3

    GABBY'S C NOTE "The easiest kind of winner", the announcer says at Northfield. Only paid $2.40 on the win. But it keeps a long string of non-losing wagers going. Now we wait for Del Mar at 8:30.

  • manosduras

    Race 5: 3 Gold Rose (15%)
    Race 6: 4 Brony Boy (12%)
    Race 7: 3 Live a Good Life (14%)
    Race 8: 4 Stonus Maximus (17%)
    Race 9: 4 Napoletano (14%)
    Race 10: 4 Wahasha (11%)

    Badactor You have made the following picks.
    Please confirm these picks.
    Race 5: 3 Gold Rose (15%)
    Race 6: 6 Freestone (15%)
    Race 7: 5 Western Rule (15%)
    Race 8: 3 El Maestro (11%)
    Race 9: 7 Crystal Bandit (11%)
    Race 10: 1 Appointed Star (12%)

    Submit My Picks

    I never hit "Submit My Picks"
    but it changed my pick AFTER the race.
    INQUIRY!!! Results of Race 5 should be voided
    or ALL players should be credited with the winner.
    Just a thought...
    :-( Dell.
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  • netsfan3

    If you can't wait for DEL MAR AT 8:30, #3 GABBY'S C NOTE 6/5 goes for 5 in a row in NORTHFIELD 2ND race at 6:22. #2 REC TIME 7/5 in Saratoga 9th at 2:40 is interesting also. I like the MBS race the most.

  • netsfan3

    Del Mar Futurity has some good 2-year-old horses on Sunday. But they're going to have to go some to beat 6/5 CAVE ROCK from Baffert's barn. Juan Hernandez is riding great this year.

  • netsfan3

    JOVIALITY S WAS SIMPLY UNSTOPPABLE TODAY AT TIOGA DOWNS. $2.10, $2.10, $2.10. I made my dime, like everyone else. This filly is simply a fantastic trotter 1:51and 2/5 by 10 lengths. Waiting for the 8th at DEL MAR, and some good HOME COOKING.

    netsfan3 Premature move by Mike Smith caused Baffert's horse to get nosed out at the finish line. Do get our bet back.
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  • netsfan3

    All eyes will be on TIOGA DOWNS on Saturday. 6th race #8 JOVIALITY 2/1 must overcome the 8 post against only fillies. With an inside post she would be 1/9. Out there, maybe 2/5. # 6 HOME COOKING 9/5 Del Mar 8th is the TVG MBS most likely winner today at 7:48 tonight.

  • netsfan3

    So, IMA STANDUP GUY came through for us at $3.30 mutuel. I tried to get a bet in at Del Mar but was too late. Would have got my money back as he ran second. At least 1 guy on Twitter does play all my most likely winners. I'll post another 1 tomorrow.

  • manosduras

    Race 2: 3 Hunters Ghost (21%)
    Race 3: 4 Luck Is My Name (16%)
    Race 4: 7 Lutes Lil Gift (11%)
    Race 5: 3 Syzslak (7%)
    Race 6: 4 Fantastic Day (21%)
    Race 7: 4 Im Mr Big (9%)

    tdreamer 3-1-4-5-2-2 gl!
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  • netsfan3

    #2 IMA STANDUP GUY 7/5 in the 8th at GRAND RIVER has been sharp his last 2 races. Looks best at 8:50 Friday night.

  • netsfan3

    SOCKS N CROCS wins for fun at GRAND RIVER pays $3.20 on the win. Come on, you think the NETSFAN would give you a dud? Will be busy on Thursday. Be back on Friday with another likely winner.

  • howihuse

    wow 3 out of the top 4 are jersey boys

  • howihuse

    i hink i'll stump him on this one ohh baby

  • howihuse

    trivia question for mr gallo we awl know frankie scott key wrote the national anthem but who wrote the pledge of allegiance without googling it?

    howihuse boing no francis bellamy
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  • netsfan3

    While we wait for Oklahoma's contest, here's a Wednesday goody for you. 4th race at Grand River on Wednesday, #1 SOCKS N CROCS 7/5 Doug McNair looks hard to beat from the rail. at 7:30. I'll be wearing my GRAND RIVER shirt they sent me about 6 years ago. Nice folks those Canadians.

  • readergirl523

    My father sez netsfan is choking worse than the Brooklyn dodgers in 1951 whatever that means he sez old man netsfan will know