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  • Phil714

    This one was for you birdlady Mag

    Phil714 thanks it was a close contest went to the last day good thing they gave us two extra dyas
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  • manosduras

    I was down around 700 on the leaderboard and noticed the #1 showed up in the money alot. I threw in the towel and just went witH that angle. 1 hit and hit and hit. Before tonight I was 10th on the leaderboard. To get n the money these last two nigHts 1 would have to hit alot of wins and places. Not so much tonigHt. It was a fun ride. on to tHe next contest. Luck 2 those in hunt congrats to winners

  • manosduras

    Laurel 3

  • manosduras

    Race 6: 1 Preachinatdinner (16%)
    Race 7: 1 Bottle Neck (13%)
    Race 8: 1 Secrets of My Soul (14%)
    Race 9: 1 Mr Bingley (14%)
    Race 10: 1 For You Only (30%)
    Race 11: 1 Zatter (10%)

    tdreamer 1-3-7-10-3-1 gl!
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  • Antman823

    I feel for the top 4 or 5 .admin had weeks to clarify whether the ending date in the rules sept 23 rd was incorrect or whether the two added days 25 and 26 were included. Numerous people emailed them with no response .I don’t get it someone in the leaders is going to be ripped off this is the first time in all the years that I think the ball was dropped .I realize it is a free contest but geez no way to run a website

    tdreamer when they changed the racing schedule to sat/sunday only over a month ago you had to figure that the 23rd wasn't the end date.
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  • manosduras

    Race 5: 1 Bearcreek Mountain (18%)
    Race 6: 1 Big Endeavor (26%)
    Race 7: 1 Mr. Atlantico (13%)
    Race 8: 1 Whidbey Prince (7%)
    Race 9: 1 Alpine Hypnosis (20%)
    Race 10: 1 Coastal Affair (9%)

    tdreamer 5-5-5-1-6-3 gl!
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  • Antman823

    Admin do u monitor the stable when is the last day of this contest? It appears there are two days on weekend after the published ending date of the 23rd

    SR Vegas Hi Phil .. I was looking at the Remington schedule, but now I realize I'm posting on the Emerald chat room. DOH! My Bad (too many tabs open !) Emerald races end this weekend, not sure if they are included for the contest. The Rules say ends sept 23. .. but I did send a note to the admin. stay tuned.
    EDIT - Picks are open for Sept 25th .
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  • howihuse

    Did u ever notice every contest jersey people have a high percentage up people up top we must have a lot of degenerates In this state

  • howihuse

    When u going to otb in woodbridge I need someone to argue handicapping with

  • howihuse

    Write a email to amin netsfan3 tell him u shud be on 508th place not 510th

  • netsfan3

    I wonder how I could finish 510th on Sunday when there was only 508 entries?

    SaratogaPete Actually, there were 598 entries on Sunday.
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  • Antman823

    Admin please clarify not that I have a chance but the rules say contest ends after last race on sept 23 which is a Thursday . There are no races that day but they do race that weekend 25 th and 26 th when is actual last day please clarify

    Phil714 I was wondering the same thing must be a misprint
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  • Antman823

    Wow I didn’t realize only Saturday and Sunday in September 6 days left only

  • howihuse

    can anyone here tell me why pork roll is only sold in the new jersey area?

    meanmistermustard It's not. Taylor ham available in Myrtle Beach
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  • howihuse

    My condolences to charlie watts. Family anyone see him in concert

    dennis08723 seen Foreigner a few times, always a great show!
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  • Birdlady418

    i noticed certain people are picking the same number every race and not handicapping??

    dennis08723 bye bye Birdie
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  • manosduras


  • Tatertot

    Hey stable mates, How do you find other contests? Emerald is the only one that I've been able to find cause I live here.

    Tatertot You guys rock. Thank you.
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  • Antman823

    Bowen Rocco back on Sunday at emerald thank u mama maybe he can save me

    Phil714 Rocco is washed up
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  • stogie…

    Itchyone Sweet man metal rules!!!!L
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