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  • netsfan3

    The reason people are rooting on NETSFAN3 in this contest is because he will donate his winnings to PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA and SHRINER'S HOSPITAL. Just found out one of my old pals is on the Board of Directors of that children's hospital. We are all rich enough. Time to help others.

    SR Vegas netsfan ... I donate platelets, and would go 2-3 times a month ( you can donate every 7 days) covid put a stop on appointments for awhile . . It's time for me to jump back on that donation bus.
    Thanks for the inspiration .
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  • netsfan3

    Screw the crazy old farts on the Supreme Court. Notice who's in 4th place in this contest. Howie doesn't realize that every drug dealer can now carry a concealed gun because he's SCARED that another drug dealer gonna blow his butt away for territory. CHUCKLEHEADS ON SCOTUS.

    netsfan3 Pete: Hasn't that been happening in our urban cities for the last 50 years? Notice that people on the Supreme Court and in Congress don't want people with weapons near their houses. But it's just fine in Buffalo, Saratoga, or NYC.
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  • netsfan3

    How about those 2's on Saturday night?

  • netsfan3


  • netsfan3

    I can't believe it, 200 people actually did worse than my $7.20 picks. At least I got my money back on the 6th race TVG MBS. Bet the favorite blind. Wish we had the free past performances.

    Let_It_Ride Their reasoning for not having them is bull crap. Before Muckleshoot took over the Past Performances were available. The reasoning now is there are too many races. Hey Muckleshoot, there's just as many races daily (6) as there was when this contest first started.
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