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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 19:21
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  • Antman823
    4 days ago

    Admin do u monitor the stable when is the last day of this contest? It appears there are two days on weekend after the published ending date of the 23rd

  • Antman823
    6 days ago

    Admin please clarify not that I have a chance but the rules say contest ends after last race on sept 23 which is a Thursday . There are no races that day but they do race that weekend 25 th and 26 th when is actual last day please clarify

    Phil714 If people think the end is the 23rd they might go for bombs the last day when they actually have two more days
    6 days ago 2
  • Antman823
    1 week ago

    Wow I didn’t realize only Saturday and Sunday in September 6 days left only

  • Antman823
    1 month ago

    Bowen Rocco back on Sunday at emerald thank u mama maybe he can save me

    Phil714 Rocco is washed up
    4 weeks ago
  • Antman823
    2 months ago

    This track really is strange. Does it even run on the same day each week ? Every time I look I’m missing a race day

    Dotheloop It has fooled me ,too...shake it off as the old football coaches would say...then they got concussion protocol.
    2 months ago