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  • skinhead

    That was capital murder these small tracks he took 4=0out of race not even an inquiry I guess we know who the stewards bet

  • skinhead

    This 5 has to come down I don’t care 1/9 he destroyed 4 out of gate

    howihuse sour grapes no foul
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  • skinhead

    What do they do wait til all races are over to show u what everyone picked

  • skinhead

    We heard about the past performance conspiracy from netsfan they were helping the 2 Washington contestants familiar to how the Remington stableboys were getting inside info I’m sure the attacks will ramp up as bizly runs away with wins contest

    netsfan3 3 MBS at Monmouth today. Don't have Paco in any of the 14 today. Best bet is PROXY at 3/5 in the 8th race. Rosario, Castellano and Velazquez have good rides today.
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  • skinhead

    Geez I hope when I get older I don’t crab and nitpick with everyone this is getting old my uncle netsfan just likes to agitate it seems to be old age has affected him greatly

    SR Vegas Ant and Nets, continued success and good luck in 'any' contest you choose to play. I've said this before - I LOVE playing free contests. Personally , it is a WIN for me if I can make it to the END of ANY 1-2-3 contest without ending up in the barn or losing all my shoes and being eliminated. I am still alive and have all my shoes in Meadowlands, Monmouth Survival. In Emerald, I mostly pick a silly name and hope for the best Currently we have harness and thoroughbred racing in 1-2-3 . How fun ! Saratoga just started a new contest this week , Check out NYRA.com. I handicap instead of doing sudoku or crossword puzzles. I just enjoy the process. And , there are some nice peoples in the 1-2-3 chat rooms that you see across the 1-2-3 contests. I never expect to win , even if I did, I get 1/2 the prize. I don't wager (can not do any MBS that are so popular ) I just like to watch the races and see if my handicapping thoughts were correct. Good luck !!!
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  • skinhead

    Why does he need pastperformances to pick the 3/5 favorite

    SR Vegas Nets…You are never desperate for action. We all see that. Rather, you do like to put out your MBS picks - no matter what we all think or may be desperate for, or not. Continued success in your varied contests!!
    I always root for our chat friends that are doing well in the various 1-2-3 contests. Good luck !
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  • skinhead

    That one horse came out in New York or any other big track he comes down

  • skinhead

    Why don’t they show everyone’s picks?

    netsfan3 They do in the daily section of the leader board. But not until the results start coming in. Otherwise, people could copy a better handicapper's picks.
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  • skinhead

    I guess no Friday nite racing

    tdreamer they are racing on the monday the 3rd.
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