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    John Henry
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Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:56
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  • cjrun

    I see we still have a problem with cutoff times. I just changed me race 6 pick to the winning horse after the race ran and it was accepted. Doesn't matter with my contest because I'm so far back but definitely shouldn't be happening

    SR Vegas Thanks for the note cjrun.
    6 months ago 2 Edit Remove
  • cjrun

    Maybe I'm crazy but the 5th race has already run and the contest is till allowing me to make changes. I put in the 3 horse after he already won and it was accepted. I then changed it back to my original pick because I didn't want to cheat. WHAT THE ***********

    dumpsthenwins I wonder if the contest people monitor what is written here or if we can write to them to let them know what happened.
    6 months ago 2 Edit Remove