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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 02:59
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  • babbagene
    2 months ago

    Hey guys do you know where you need to send the documents into to claim the prize? I got an email stating they need copy of license and a W-9 form but it did not give a link as to where to send it , so I just replied to the email with the information ! Does anyone know if that is the correct way to go about it.
    Thank You.

  • babbagene
    2 months ago

    To whom it may concern after Saturday nights grading was complete I , (Babbagene) had a $4 and change lead over the 2nd place entrant named Redskins1, on Sunday nights card Sept 15th Redskins1 won a total of $4 more than me for the entire night ( which should make myself and Redskins1 be in a virtual tie at this point) , yet I see that Redskins1 is now $10 ahead of me ! this is impossible because

    Itchyone The ultimate choker is you bird droppings, paying for the forms and still not close in the money and getting beat by the number pickers, it’s awesome cause your such a loser too funny
    2 months ago